Cloud Services

Virtual Machines

We offer Virtual Machines (VM) services, dedicated with Linux and Windows operating systems, quickly available through image templates made available by SOXELY.

The templates are available through an official release from SOXELY, this to reduce as far as possible malfunctions and / or system bugs inherent to the virtualization platforms.

Each released template is considered “STABLE”, if you find a problem is available the bug & fixing portal, reporting it we will provide for the resolution of the problem if inherent in malfunctions of interaction between the operating system and hypervisors.

Virtual Machines have a variety of hardware configurations that can be increased or decreased as required.

VM Gallery & VM Scaling

VM Gallery is a collection of Virtual Machines that provide service functionality.

Deploy is performed when a specific service is required or the service itself is customized within the template.

This procedure speeds up the availability of the environments even in a few minutes, moreover the VM Scaling feature is able to replicate the environment on multiple instances in the face of a need for performance increase.

It is possible to make a custom VM Gallery available by providing it, the support will make it available within its own interface.

DBAAS – Database as a Service

DB instances with “UnManaged OS”, with different hardware configuration cuts.

An endpoint of connection to the DB is provided on a part of a dedicated network segment so that only the DB can be connected to and only manage the latter.

The service is available for both MySQL and SQL Server databases in Standard and SQL Server ALWAYS ON versions.

Backup & Restore

User can perform backups at his will and in the manner he deems most appropriate.

As a dedicated and managed service, we perform Backup and Restore of Virtual Machines, Full Restore or File Level Restore.

Continuous Data Protection

This feature provides continuous protection of the environment by means of an asynchronous replication mechanism, also called Continuous Backup or Realtime Backup.

This is a Managed service, indicated on Mission Critical environments that require protection and data recovery as close as possible to the moment of impact.